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Twister Skylift RTF 2.4GHz

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Twister Skylift, det første RTF RC-tandem rotorhelikopteret på markedet, leveres nå med 2.4GHz radioutstyr. Helikopteret er meget stabilt, stort, og enkelt å fly. Det er minst like enkelt å fly om E-sky lama. Helikopteret leveres komplett med alt du trenger.

Settet inneholder:

Helikopter med radio, batteri og lader. Ekstra sett med rotorblader. DVD med flyguide.

Informasjon fra produsenten:

  • The Worlds First RTF tandem rotor RC helicopter!
  • Incredible scale detail with outstanding flight stability
  • Factory-assembled Ready-To-Fly R/C heli with EVERYTHING included
  • Checked, test-flown and Flight Guaranteed - so you KNOW it flies!
  • Co-axial tandem rotor system gives nearly double the stability!
  • So stable - it almost hovers by itself!
  • DVD FLIGHT GUIDE & LBW, MOPS damage prevention systems included
  • A unique and ideal introduction to RC helicopter flight

    The Twister SkyLift is the worlds first RTF tandem rotor semi-scale RC helicopter!We?ve designed it to give absolute newcomers and sport pilots the ultimate thrill - never before achievable - in RC model helicopter flight!
    Up until now, tandem rotor helis were considered hugely expensive and difficult to fly?strictly for experts only.
    Not any more!
    Amazingly, we have found the Twister SkyLift is EASIER to hover than normal helicopters?even the incredibly stable Twister Hawk!
    Two coaxial rotor systems working together has to be flown to be believed!
    Like the other Twister coaxials, the SkyLift is Crash- Ready and chock-full of features that make it impressively tough and a dream to own and operate too. You get MOPS, LBW, spare parts, simulator lead (to use with any free downloadable simulator), deluxe transmitter and more.

    DVD FLight Guide included
    A DVD Flight Guide containing step-by-step video instructions - even step-by-step tandem rotor video flight instruction, is on the DVD too!

    Fantastic Introduction to flight!
    This World First is a fantastic introduction to real 4-function R/C helicopter flight and will earn a unique place in every pilots hangar. Flight stability is outstanding - 2 co-axial systems provides a degree of stability that newcomers in particular will find ultra-reassuring!

    Returns to the hover when sticks released!
    Form forward flight, the helicopter tends to return to the hover when the cyclic sticks are released!
    This makes it much easier to gain confidence more quickly.

    No tail swing makes flying easier!
    For those used to conventional helicopters with pesky tail booms to keep straight; you will be pleased to find the absense of one of those just enhances and improves flight control!

    BIG hugely spaced 8-wheel undercarriage for stabilityNo need to worry about rocking and rolling on the ground with your SkyLift - the undercarriage spacing makes take-offs and landings easy, whilst providing huge opportunity to practice those famous tandem-rotor ground rolls and reverse running take-offs!

    How come the SkyLift is so easy to fly when tandem rotor helis have traditionally been so difficult?
    Traditional tandem rotor model helis were not designed for super stability - but rather for scale appearance.
    The SkyLift incorporates the advantages of new high stability tandem rotor dynamics, microprocessor control systems with careful use of modern lightweight materials.The result is a an incredibly easy-flying heli that rewrites the tandem rotor book.

    How much space do I need?This model is a good deal bigger than many electric helicopters and despite being easy to control you must have plenty of empty space to operate in. Be aware that operating in a small space will provide for a much more challenging flight experience as rolling vortices of air reflected back into the rotor system will have a marked effect on stability.
    Tandem rotors are therefore different to single rotor helicopters, so be prepared to adjust your flying style and flight location.

    Have fun with the Worlds First RTF tandem rotor helicopter!

  • Main Rotor Diameter ........340mm
  • Fuselage Length .......500mm
  • R/C Transmitter .........4Ch 2.4GHz
  • Cyclic Steering ... hi-torque EnerG micro servos
  • Flying weight .....approx. 400g
  • Main drive ........4 motors

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