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E-Flite DRACO 2.0m Smart BNF Basic AS3X & Safe

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VareID: 52065, Produktnr: EFL12550
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2meters Extra-scale Draco 2.0m leveres her fra Horizon Hobby, en full-lisensiert modellav Mike Pateys ultimate bush-fly med ekstreme STOL-egenskaper. Modellen er meget skalalik, har flaps, ledlys, dempet understell med mer. Kommer som BNF med Spektrum AR637TA 6-Channel mottaker, og man behøver kun kompatibel Spektrum-radio, batteri og lader for å fly.

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Med AS3X-teknologi og SAFE-Select kombinert med funksjonelle flaps for sakteflyvning og gode STOL-egenskaper er denne bergent for både nybegynnere og viderekomne.

  • Funskjonelle flaps
  • LED-lys
  • Robuste hjul og understell for grove underlag

  • Hva du trenger i tillegg
  • 6+ kanals radio med DSMX
  • 4-6 4000-7000mAh LiPo batteri med EC5/IC5-kontakt
  • Kompatibel LiPo lader

  • Spesifikasjoner
    Vingespenn1974 mm
    Lengde1346 mm
    Vekt flyklar4,5kg med 6s 5000mah og 3855g uten batteri
    MotorBørsteløs 5065 EFLM5065D
    RegulatorSpektrum 100A Avan
    Propell14,5x9 4-blads EFLP145904B
    Product details in english
    By most estimates, planning and building the full-size DRACO should have taken years. Entrepreneur Mike Patey ? whose exceptional drive and Back to Work? ethic have inspired thousands of people ? accomplished it in just over five months! Mike started with a Wilga 2000, replacing its Lycoming O-540 piston engine with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-28 turboprop boasting about twice the power at half the weight. Many additional modifications followed before Mike proudly unveiled his "ultimate bush plane". It could go to the same places as a Carbon Cub, but also climb twice as fast; reach altitudes up to 28,000 feet; and cruise cross-country at 180 MPH while carrying four people plus gear. Changes from the Wilga were so extensive that the FAA approved Mikes redesign as an experimental exhibition aircraft. The DRACO 2.0m is equally unique and astounding ? and its also one of the most highly-engineered, detailed and feature-rich E-flite® aircraft yet!

    The ultimate bush plane for an unmatched STOL, scale and beyond flying experience
    The only officially-licensed scale replica of the one-of-a-kind DRACO by Mike Patey
    One of the most highly-engineered, detailed and feature-rich E-flite® aircraft to date
    Extra Scale details including an abundance of molded-in surface features, steps, antennas, wingtip skids, and much more
    Functional Extra Scale features including licensed KING shocks on the main gear and tail wheel, leading-edge slats, slotted flaps, and more
    17 total LEDs including navigation, landing, down, tail beacon, reversing and other lights with adjustable light controller
    Clear windshield and windows plus a detailed cockpit with backlit instrument panel and pilot figure
    Factory-installed, high-power 4S- to 6S-compatible brushless motor with large diameter 4-blade prop
    Fits batteries from 4000?7000mAh to provide a wide range of performance and flight times up to 10?15+ minutes
    100-amp Spektrum? Avian? Smart ESC provides real-time battery voltage, current draw, motor RPM, and other data via compatible receivers and transmitters
    Optional-use motor reversing for special ground handling and other capabilities with compatible 7+ channel transmitters
    Spektrum AR637TA receiver with full-range telemetry and industry-leading DSMX® technology
    Easy to fly with innovative and optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
    The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X® technology
    Six factory-installed metal-geared servos with internal, ball-link equipped linkages
    Large and convenient, magnetically-secured top hatch with large battery compartment
    Shock-equipped and steerable tailwheel for improved forward and reverse ground handling
    Scale-like articulated and shock-absorbing main landing gear with oversized tundra-style tires
    Custom-made and fully-molded carbon fiber gear to handle short takeoffs from and landings on a variety of surfaces
    Two-piece wing with quarter-turn thumbscrews plus V2 hands-free servo connection system for quick and easy assembly/disassembly
    Durable, fully-molded EPO airframe with carbon fiber and wood reinforcement throughout
    Factory-applied paint plus decal finish looks great and saves time
    Easy final assembly in less time than it takes to charge a battery

    Inspired by the incredible ingenuity and effort Mike Patey put into building the full-sized aircraft, E-flite® offers the only officially-licensed scale replica of the ultimate bush plane! The amazing DRACO 2.0m is one of the most highly-engineered, detailed and feature-rich RC models ever produced. Beyond its complex design and the accurate shape of its fully-molded, lightweight and durable EPO airframe with a factory-applied finish, it also features an abundance of Extra Scale details including a variety of surface features, steps, antennas, wingtip "stinger" skids, and much more. The clear windshield and windows offer an excellent view of the detailed cockpit with pilot figure and backlit instrument panel. Functional Extra Scale features include licensed, scale-like KING shocks on the main gear and tail wheel, leading-edge slats, slotted flaps and more. There are also a total of 17 LEDs throughout the airframe ? with a custom controller that allows you to select solid, strobing and other light combination options from your transmitter. Oversized, tundra-style tires on the custom-made carbon fiber main gear soak up bumps and provide excellent prop clearance, while the shock-absorbing and steerable tailwheel offers improved ground handling ? even when taxiing backward with the optional-use motor reversing (compatible Smart receiver and 7+ channel transmitter required for reversing).

    Factory-installed, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped and internal linkages deliver crisp, precise control. The high-power brushless outrunner motor can drive the scale 4-blade propeller with a wide range of 4000?7000mAh batteries, from a 4S pack for slow and smooth scale flight to 6S power for better-than-scale vertical performance. Its also equipped with a 100-amp Spektrum? Avian? Smart ESC, and the BNF® Basic version includes an AR637TA Smart receiver that delivers full-range telemetry including real-time battery voltage, current, motor RPM, ESC temperature, and more to compatible AirWare? equipped transmitters. And even with its large-scale size and feature-packed design, the DRACO 2.0m can be flight-ready in less time than it takes to charge a battery! No tools are required for field assembly/disassembly because the two-piece wing is secured with quarter-turn thumbscrews. Best of all, if youve mastered flying at least one or two previous RC aircraft you can fly the DRACO 2.0m successfully, especially when taking advantage of the BNF® Basic versions exclusive AS3X® and optional-use SAFE® Select technologies. And it all adds up to offer an unmatched STOL (Short Take Off and Landing), scale and beyond flying experience unlike any other!

    The Plug-N-Play® (PNP) version lets experienced modelers choose and use their own transmitter, receiver, battery and charger. The Bind-N-Fly® (BNF) Basic version includes a Spektrum receiver equipped with AS3X and optional-use SAFE Select technologies so intermediate to experienced modelers can use their own transmitter, battery and charger. An ULTIMATE Combo including the BNF Basic version airplane, a Spektrum transmitter, Smart battery, Smart charger, the special tools and glue you need for assembly ? plus a copy of RealFlight Trainer Edition RC Flight Simulator ? is also available and saves you more than $70 compared to purchasing all of the items separately.

    Are you new to flying RC (Radio Controlled) aircraft? If you are, we recommend learning to fly with one of our purpose-built trainer aircraft such as the HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S 2. Based on the Carbon Cub flown by Mikes wife, Chandra Patey, its equipped with exclusive and innovative SAFE technology that makes it possible for almost anyone to learn to fly successfully! The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) version includes everything needed to fly in one box and is the perfect choice if youre a new RC pilot.

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    6s 6000mAh - 60C - Sunpadow - EC5
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    6s 5000mAh - 50C - Spektrum LiPo IC5
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    Fantastisk bra pakket og lett å sette sammen!
    Bruker ga kun karakter
    06.10.2022 av Oskar
    Jeg har ikke fått flydd den ennå men jeg er allerede imponert over hvordan E-Flite pakker modellen og hvor lett de gjør det å sette sammen. Etter videoer på nettet ser det ut til at jeg kommer til å bli veldig fornøyd!
    Dette hjalp meg 4 1
    Helt etter forhåpning
    Bruker ga kun karakter
    13.01.2023 av Hein
    Dette flyet er helt etter de anmeldelsene jeg har lest og sett på YouTube. Det var helt fantastisk og fullføre modellen og se den i virkeligheten.
    Dette hjalp meg 1
    Helt etter forhåpning
    Bruker ga kun karakter
    13.01.2023 av Hein
    Dette flyet er helt etter de anmeldelsene jeg har lest og sett på YouTube. Det var helt fantastisk og fullføre modellen og se den i virkeligheten.
    Dette hjalp meg
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