Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 4WD Buggy Race Kit - - Radiostyrt hobby
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Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 4WD Buggy Race Kit

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Konkurranse fuelbuggy fra Serpent. Leveres uten hjul, motor/potte og elektronikk.

Ny og forbedret utgave av "Wishbone" fremme og bak medfølger nå kittet
(SER-600774 og SER-600775).

Interview av designeren kan leses her:
Designer Interview with Billy Easton, USA
Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Stunning standard equipment
- Hardcoated coated chassis 7075 T6, laser engraved
- Steeringblocks alu 7075 T6, black coated, laser engraved
- C-hubs 15 dgr, alu 7075 T6, black coated, laser engraved
- Rear uprights, alu 7075 T6, black coated, laser engraved
- 4.5mm carbon fibre shocktowers front and rear
- Big-bore shocks with machined pistons and spacers, new supersmooth x-rings
- Hardcoated engraved shockcaps, 3.5mm rods and rubber sleeves.
- Front, central and rear geardifferentials
- 4-shoe racing clutch
- Durable wishbones ready for use with inserts ( moulded standard, carbon optional )
- Steel gear meshplate system
- Steel diskbrake system with special pre-mounted brake-pads
- Coated steel integrated chassis skidplate in the rear
- Lightweight and strong hardcoated aluminum camber and tracksrods
- Straight rear wing and new Avenger style body
- Springsteel drive-train system with CVD and rubber protections boots
- Ballraced anti-roll bars front and rear with pivot system
- Supernice radiobox layout and fully integrated transponder -holder
- Decals for the radiobox caps
- Top-quality sealed bearing with seals
Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 4WD Buggy Race Kit

Cool Innovations
- The new Gear-differentials have a larger cases to allow for more oil inside, and have a build in pressure compensating system. Both will create a more consistent diff over the longer runs.
- Gear-mesh plate system, which allows for easy and secure engine (dis)assembly without worrying about gearmesh
- Wishbones which allow mounting inserts both in the top as in the bottom of the wishbones, which allows for many possible options to work with more or less flex, using no inserts, moulded inserts, carbon inserts, or mixed inserts.
- Angled steering system for optimal Ackermann and reduced bumpsteer.

Performance packed
- Fully adjustable for caster, camber, toe-in, toe-out, roll-center, rideheight, wheelbase, downstops, anti squat, kingpin angle, ackermann, the works !
- New geometry front and rear combined with new chassis shape and longer chassis braces for more agile handling, more steering, more rear grip and improved balance.
- Angled steering system for optimal Ackermann, responsive steering and reduced bumpsteer.
- Hardcoated shocks with new internals as per above specs.
- Race clutch with 4- carbon shoe system
- Effective airfilter system with new angled rubber connector and strong wireholder
- New areo pack with wider Avenger body and new straight wing for medium downforce. Optional high downforce adjustable polycarbonate rear wing and a high downforce body to be released soon too.

Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 4WD Buggy Race Kit
  • name: Serpent SRX8 Cobra Buggy
  • class: 1/8 scale 4wd buggy
  • type: kit-version, high end competition
  • wheelbase: 330mm
  • width: 305mm
  • weight: 3.300 grams ( race ready, depends on radio-gear and engine)
  • clutch: 4-shoe centrifugal, carbon shoes
  • differential: lightweight, 3 geardiffs
  • brake: piston type with steel disks
  • shocks: 16mm big bore with 3.5mm shafts
  • fueltank: 125ccm, with integrated bronze filter
  • gear-ratio: 4:3:1
  • included: Kit, body, wing, silicone oils, full color manual-USB, decalsheets.

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