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Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless TSM

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VareID: 32427, Produktnr: TRX77076-4

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Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless er et monster! Hele 75 cm lang og 35 cm høy med børsteløs motor drevet av enten 2x2s eller 2x3s LiPo batterier. Denne massive bilen kan nå en toppfart på hele 56 km/t (2x3s). Siden den er utstyrt med TSM (Traxxas Stability Management) kan denne rå kraften håndteres på en fornuftig måte.

Utstyrt med vannbestandig elektronikk gjør at du kan bruke bilen hele året. Det er viktig med god tørk etter bruk i våte omgivelser.

Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD BrushlessTSM (Traxxas Stability Management) hjelper deg å kontrollere bilen på glatt/løst underlag og til og med i svinger. Ved hjelp av "Multi Function" hjulet på radioen kan du lett justere hvor mye assistanse du ønsker eller skru det helt av.Vri hjulet mot klokken for mindre assistanse og vri hjulet med klokken for mer. For å skru av TSM, vri hjulet mot klokken helt til det stopper.

TSM må være helt skrudd av når du justerer trim på styring.

  • Lengde: 758 mm
  • Bredde: 540 mm
  • Høyde: 350 mm
  • Bakkeklaring: 102 mm
  • Vekt: 8,66 kg
  • Batteriboks x2: 197 mm x 51,5 mm x 44 mm

  • Medfølger i esken:
  • X-Maxx RTR
  • Traxxas Big Block børsteløs motor 1600kv
  • VXL-6s ESC
  • Hurtigstart guide
  • TQi 2,4GHz radio system
  • Diverse verktøy

  • Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless
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  • Batterier: 2s eller 3s LiPo batterier x2 med Traxxas kontakt, 5000mAh eller mer anbefalt
  • LiPo lader
  • 4 AA batterier til radioen

  • Informasjon fra produsent:

    Brutal Strength. Extreme Power. Massive fun!
    X-Maxx is an all-new, clean-sheet design, engineered from the start to take Traxxas Tough to a whole new level. Unrelenting 4X4 power, mammoth size, and ferocious determination makes this mighty monster a truly worthy successor to the Maxx legacy.

    Size Wins
    X-Maxx is enormous. Size wins by giving you the advantage to power over and through extreme landscapes. Mammoth 8-inch tall tires, long-arm suspension, and huge ground clearance dwarf the surroundings for virtually unstoppable Monster truck fun.
    Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless

    Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless

    Extreme Power
    Wildly over-powered, X-Maxx stays true to form with its Maxx DNA. 6s 22-volt dual-LiPo muscle and a Velineon 1600XL Big Block motor propel X-Maxx with brutal authority and an exacting quickness that completely defies its enormous size.

    Exclusive Self-Righting
    Before X-Maxx, monster trucks would sometimes roll over upside down, bringing the action to a screeching halt. Now, press a button and in most cases this exclusive patent-pending Traxxas innovation flips X-Maxx back over onto its wheels so that you can quickly get back to having fun.
    Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless

    The full X-Maxx experience of strength, power, and agility relies on all the carefully engineered details that begin to emerge when you peel back the layers. Old conventions were discarded as every system and dimension was examined and taken to a level worthy of the Maxx legacy.

    Modular Chassis Design
    Interlocking modular chassis design keeps the motor and the gear drive together as a unit to virtually eliminate gear-crunching chassis flex. Plus, the design provides easy access to critical components, making any needed maintenance or repairs a snap to perform.

    Massive Grip
    The wheels and tires are massive and so is the grip from the burley, super aggressive all-terrain tread. Add some modern style in the wheel and back it up with power for a combo that roosts dirt and gravel like a 450 dirt bike!

    GTX Aluminum Shocks
    X-Maxx`s long-travel, super-plush feel is assured with four enormous high-performance oil-filled GTX aluminum shocks. The large oil volume dissipates heat for all-day shredding while an integrated wiper seal keeps the shafts clean, reducing seal wear for long life.

    Shock Tower Design
    X-Maxx`s shock towers introduce an exclusive new Traxxas look that offers rigid, triangulated structure and an authentic off-road look that fills in the wheel openings of the truck. They also serve as a convenient carry handles and provide level supports for the X-Maxx when placed upside down for cleaning.

    Rock-Solid Motor Mount
    The all-new motor mount design cradles the motor so it can`t flex on the mount. Gear mesh is held firmly in place by keyed pins so there`s no need for tricky adjustments. Eliminating flex means longer gear life, even in the most punishing conditions.

    Monster Travel
    Achieving X-Maxx`s huge suspension travel, tight turning circle, and incredible strength required hundreds of hours of modeling, development, and testing to package all of that capability in these sophisticated components. Exciting visual form follows unsurpassed function and performance.

    Double Sheer Connections
    X-Maxx uses double sheer connections when the mission requires incredible strength. Suspension hinge points, shock mounting, and even the steering servo output shaft are engineered to redefine Traxxas Tough. Captured, high-strength steel suspension pins are used throughout and will never unscrew or "back out."

    Steering Authority
    A new servo was created to deliver the strength and the torque necessary to give X-Maxx unmatched steering authority. The quick steering and tight turning circle, combined with advanced suspension geometry, gives X-Maxx nimbleness and control that is unexpected in such a large vehicle.

    Impact Cushions
    X-Maxx is equipped with new energy-absorbing impact cushions behind the front and rear bumpers to help soften the blows and make X-Maxx even more durable in demanding situations-even the unexpected ones.

    CV Driveshafts
    High-strength steel driveshafts were engineered to maximize suspension travel, steering angles, and overall durability. The differential outputs are splined for incredible strength, and they center bolt to the differential for easy cleaning and service. Splined wheel hexes eliminate axle pins that require through holes that create a weak point in shafts.

    Fan Cooled Slipper Clutch
    Traxxas unique slipper clutch design features a dual-fan arrangement for enhanced cooling. The slipper clutch absorbs shock loads on the driveline and gives X-Maxx the strength to blast full throttle across the most challenging and rugged terrain.

    Aluminum Splined Driveshaft
    The tough aluminum center driveshaft carries the power to the front and rear differentials. Splined drives are used throughout for precise engagement, incredible strength, and smooth running.

    Steel Differentials
    X-Maxx differentials are all steel to handle the rigors of challenging off-road situations. The differentials are sealed and filled with heavyweight oil, which gives the feel of limited-slip differentials. What the driver feels is confidence as the X-Maxx power slides through turns with massive roost and total control.

    Full Contact Sealed Bearings
    X-Maxx is equipped with full contact sealed bearings in outboard locations to keep out the grime and grit. Less downtime for cleaning and maintaining bearings equals more up time for X-Maxx.. up in the air that is, as you power over your favorite jumps.

    Traxxas batteri med iD kontakt krever egnet lader eller Traxxas iD LiPo adapter.
    Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless

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